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Praia do Canto Beach, Brazil

Praia do Canto has spectacular views and it's close to the the major spots in town.

Praia do Canto is located in the western part of downtown Buzios. This cove is set against a large mountainous outcropping covered in lush green vegetation. Many of the colorful local fishing boats anchor here.

Praia do Canto Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

While the beach as calm blue waters and a soft sandy beach there is no swimming here. Runoff from town has made the water questionable to swim in. However, it is the perfect place to take a sunset stroll or sip your morning coffee. The views along make it worthwhile. This is a beach that draws visitors and locals alike to simply sit and relax, maybe enjoy a book, or simply watch the world go by.


Because Praia do Canto is downtown it is close to many amenities. There are several historical colonial homes that frame the beach. In addition restaurants and cafes have patios facing the beach so patrons can enjoy lovely views while they dine. Shopping is not very far away and there are even some nightclubs and bars nearby. Many hotels and pasados are within walking distance as well.


Because of its proximity to downtown Buzios, Praia do Canto does not have a lot of water sports. However, on windy days it is possible to see a kite surfer or wind surfer go whizzing past. For those that do visit this beach, the biggest activities are sunbathing and reading.

It is not a popular beach with the locals, nor do visitors frequent its shores. This could be due to its proximity to the commercial core of Bu

zios. Visitors and locals alike want to find a beach that is more exotic and seclude and Praia do Canto is right in the thick of things.Praia do Canto is perfect for an evening walk or a morning cup of coffee. It is not a beach for swimming due to the rumors of city runoff. However, this has neither been denied nor confirmed by the Buzios government.