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Praia do Forno Beach, Brazil

In the southeast of the Buzios peninsula, the Oven Beach reaches higher temperatures but the clear and calm waters make it perfect for family fun.

This beach is considered one of the hidden gems of Buzios. Praia do Forno or Oven Beach gets its name from the color of the sand as well as the lack of ocean breeze that results in higher than normal temperatures.

Praia do Forno Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

What stands out on this beach is the red sand. Very fine, it contains a mineral called granada. Granada contains a lot of iron that causes the sand to appear red. In addition, because of the terrain surrounding the beach, there is very little air movement.

As a result the beach can get quite hot. Praia do Forno does not get very crowded unless there is a holiday. The water is clear and bright blue and easy to swim in. There is a small snack hut but no other facilities. The surrounding cliffs cast some shade in the late afternoon.

Touring the Beach

This beach is quite fun to walk along as it constantly changes. Shaped like a semi circle, the outer edges of the beach have warmer water while the center of the semi circle is nice and cool. Start your tour of the beach by wading out on the rock ledges to look down on the clear water.

Make sure you wear water shoes as there are some anemones here you do not want to step on with bare feet. Walk to the left and you will see a large rock out cropping. If you go over the cropping or swim around it (this is not safe) you will find another smaller beach with sand a deep dark red. On the right side of the beach is a staircase that once belonged to a home built on top of the hill.

Who Comes to the Beach?

Praia do Forno is very easy to get to. As a result it is a fun and easy place for families to visit. The waters are gentle and clear and perfect for little ones. Just be sure to keep children away from the rocks without supervision, as they can be slippery. The fine sand contains no coral or crushed shells and is soft on little feet. Bring your snorkel gear as there is some amazing marine life to see beneath the surface, especially starfish.

A family beach, Praia do Forno can get a bit hot. To cool down, swim in the middle of the beach where the cooler waters are.