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Praia dos Amores Beach, Brazil

Love is in the air at Praia dos Amores! This isolated hard to reach beach is a haven for lovers.

Praia dos Amores or Lovers beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Buzios. Perhaps this is the reason it attracts so many honeymooners.

Getting to The Beach

Praia dos Amores Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The easiest way to get to this beach is by schooner or water taxi. Otherwise you have to be willing to hike a rather difficult trail up and over a very steep hill. If you start from downtown Buzios you will need to take the road heading to Canto Beach.

Park at Canto Beach and then follow the signs and the trail to Praia dos Amores. It is better to wear comfortable hiking shoes. Save the flip-flops for the beach once you get there. Consider traveling as lightly as possible as this is a challenging walk. However, keep in mind there are no amenities on the beach.

The Beach

While you would expect the beach to be deserted, keep in mind this is one of stops for the schooners, so do expect to see visitors when you get there. The sand is rather coarse and comes from pummeled rock. There are some shade trees for shelter but very few. The water is absolutely stunning. A sparkling turquoise it glistens in the sun and beckons the swimmer to dive on in. The beach itself is rather small so even 10 or so people can make it seem crowded. If you come here early or stay late you are more likely to have this beach all to your self.

The Law

Conservation has become a big issue in Brazil. Buzios is also doing its part to protect the natural beauty of the area. As such, remember this beach is protected by law. This means you cannot destroy any of the plants in the area. You must be sure to trek out all your trash. Do not leave anything behind or you might find yourself facing an expensive fine.

Praia dos Amores is a small secluded beach meant for lovers. It is not popular with families due to the difficulty in getting there. Protected by law, remember to take all trash with you when you leave.